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Mario Vercelli

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Oomori, May 3, 2020.

  1. Oomori

    Oomori Newer Guy

    Apr 21, 2020
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    The Beginning
    Mario was born in Cagliari, Sardegna, a small island directly west of Rome, Italy in 1993.
    In 1996 his father, Gianpiero Vercelli was 26 when he got into trouble with the local gang, Gli Banditi (The Bandits), when he decided to take Mario and his wife and start a new life in St Albans, England.

    6 short months after arriving in England, Gianpiero was shot dead as he went to fill up his car as a gas station.

    As Mario grew up in England, his Italian accent, disappeared. Growing up in St Albans was hard for the boy being a foreigner, boys at school would make fun of his difficulty when learning his new language, causing Mario to start a lot of fights. By the age of 12 he had been kicked out of his High School for fighting, forcing him to walk the streets at a young age when only hoodlums where around. Eventually he would get into a fight with a local street gang and, through a serious of fights and conversations, end up joining them at a low level.
    The Betrayal
    By the age of 21 he returned to school, and just about passed his exams to get into college. After he had finished his courses in college he had devoted his full time to the gang, rising in level and gaining the trust of their leader. He had made many enemies throughout his time with them due to his bloody demeanour and aim with a gun, eventually becoming a trusted member of the leader's inner circle. On his 22nd birthday the gang had a party at their hangout, whilst everyone was drinking and taking an ample amount of drugs, one of the higher ups let slip about a hit they had when he was still new to the gang. The leader at the time had come into contact with a group of Italians that wanted a fresh off the boat dead back in 1996.

    When Mario had put it all together, his father being killed after they had moved to this new country, the reasons why they had to leave their beautiful island home, and the gang openly talking about killing and Italian in St Albans in the dead of night at a gas station, it all clicked. His friends, the people he called family, had killed his dad. He knew he had to leave before anyone could figure out what he knew. With a tear threatening to roll down his cheek, he put down his beer and strode over to his leader. He asked for a private meeting with him, to discuss some plans for some legitimate business so the cops wouldn't harass them anymore about their properties with no jobs. The leader, trusting Mario, agreed and walked with him to the back of the hangout where Mario walked through the door first.

    As the leader turned around from closing the door he came face to face with Mario.

    "You killed my dad when I was a child" Mario growled at him as he placed a hand over his mouth a pulled a 9 inch knife out of his waste band, the blade catching the light and reflecting it into the leaders face.

    "I trusted you bastards, but this ain't no mafia and I ain't gotta ask no one if I can gut you. Don't worry thou Kev, I'll make it quick so I can get rid of the rest of you pieces of shit too"
    Mario didn't care anymore, he let his eyes stream as he dug all 9 inches of steel up through Kev's lower jaw upwards, taking it out and slashing over and over again as his neck.

    Taking Kev's guns from his holsters and checking that they were loaded, Mario stood up, wiped his tears onto his bloody top and set himself straight. He was going to kill every last one of Kev's soldiers, as soon as he walked out the door he would shoot anyone he saw until either they were all dead or he was.

    After a bloody gun battle, 16 gangsters were dead, 13 working girls that were in the building also lay dead on the floor after having been used as shields. Sirens could be head in the distance, Mario didn't want to end up in jail. He did nothing wrong, he thought, if anything he got justice for tens or hundreds of families that had lost love ones from drugs or gang warfare. The police wouldn't see it that way, he knew they wouldn't, so he had to run.

    But run where? Maybe to his cousin Adamo Vercelli, from his fathers side. Yeah Adamo had called him a couple months back, asking him to come visit his new house in America, he lived in a city in California, down to the south west. It would take him a couple days, maybe even a a couple weeks to wait for the police to leave him alone and get everything he needed for the trip. He had nothing left in England, his mother had died of cancer out of nowhere whilst he was in college, he only had to take some clothes and all his money, sell his car and get rid of his guns and drugs, just give them away to some connections he had. Yeah that's what he would do.

    A New Beginning?

    Mario sent a text to an old associate of the gang reading;
    "I'm leaving town for good. You can find my car at the London bound train station. Go there at night, the keys are taped to the back right wheel arch. In the glove compartment are the ownership papers already filled out. Sell it and keep the cash, in the boot is payment for you and everyone else to forget about me. Make sure it happens. Don't look for me or you'll be the new K.

    After hitting send Mario destroyed his phone with a hammer and threw it into a fire he had going to burn any documents he wouldn't need. He wanted a new life where his cousin lived. The next morning, after packing a suitcase with nothing more than £20,000 wrapped in clothes and his passport, he left to get a flight to Los Santos as early as possible.
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