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Mike Kiln

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Spiritcharged, May 22, 2020.

  1. Spiritcharged

    Spiritcharged Newer Guy

    May 22, 2020
    Likes Received:
    So you wanna know about my buddy Mike huh? What, are you a snitch? Cos where Mike and me are from, snitches don’t just get stitches, you hear what I’m sayin’?

    Listen here, I hear word around town that any of this stuff makes it into the ears of the wrong people and I’m gonna know it was you. I’m gonna know and I’m gonna do something about it. Capiche?

    Me and Mike been boys since we were kids ya know. Mrs Knight’s second grade class back at Barrett Elementary – Mike was smart, real smart. What could’ve been, ya know? Anyway, yeah we go way back.

    Mike’s dad, Tom – old man Kiln… he had a good job at the Homestead Steel works before they closed in ’91. That’s when the shit really hit the fan for Mike and his ma. Same old story up and down the country when those fucking foreigners come in and take American jobs right? Tom started hitting the bottle real hard, and soon enough that wasn’t the only thing he was hitting.

    Now like I said Mike is wicked smart, but he’s a tough motherfucker too and he knew that it was up to him to step up when his old man went bad. But he’s still a kid right? Like 13 now but still, just a kid… what can he do? Well, if you know the right people in the right areas… there’s ways to make money yeah? Always.

    That’s where I actually helped him out a bit. I ain’t got Mike’s brains, but I got connections and I got my own set of smarts y’know. So I hooked Mike up with a job running some product for a local crew. He got enough money together from that for him and his ma to get out from under the old man, set themselves up with a little one room place – I don’t even know if the old man noticed they left. Fucking shame what happened to Tom Kiln man, fucking shame.

    So for a while things were ok, Mike’s ma got a job waitressing and Mike was still running product but I was on him about getting his shit together and going back to school, get his GED at least, maybe even some community college. Like I said, kid has smarts, and it kills me that he’s not using that brain o’ his.

    Problem with Mike’s smarts though is they make him ambitious too… he got this idea for a deal that was way bigger than anything his crew in Pittsburgh had ever run before. He thought he had the hookup for a big shipment coming up from Mexico. Of course shit ain’t ever that simple… and that shit got way the fuck out of hand.

    The crew ended up losing half a dozen guys and Mike took the blame for it… in a big way. They popped his mom, fucking animals. Mike’s only breathing because I got him a flight out to Los Santos.

    So keep your mouth shut about all of this or you’ll have me to answer to, and you don’t want that. Trust me.
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