Mokabe's Backstory


In his early life, Mokabe perched on a rooftop every day, scoping out the path of a friendly lion through his sniper rifle. He saw a man on a rooftop talking on a cell phone, and he appears to be watching the lion, which Mokabe reports it through his headset. He is told that if the man is hunting the lion, he has the green light to shoot him, but Mokabe is unsure. His dad suggests that he may just be talking to his girlfriend on the phone. The man disappears from the rooftop and a few moments later, a woman appears in the doorway of the same building and walks towards the lion. Mokabe reports the woman, noting that she is not swinging her arms as she walks and appears to be carrying something. No one in the family can see it to confirm. He watches through the scope as the woman removes something from her cloak, and he realizes that it is a shank. He shot her in the chest, watching her collapse. Kill confirmed.

Years later, Mokabe competed in martial arts fights with his younger brother traveling alongside him. He returned home one night and found his girlfriend in bed with another man. He hit the man several times and kicked him out before turning around to kick his girlfriend. She complains that he abandons her every weekend to go to rodeos, believing himself to be a fighter when he's just a failed farmer.

As Mokabe and his brother watch TV, they see the news of the August 1998 terrorist attacks in Tanzania and Kenya. Mokabe is angry that fellow citizens are being attacked and feels compelled to do something to protect his country.

He visits a navy office and talks to the recruiter. The recruiter suggests that Mokabe might be interested in the Special Forces program and hands him a pamphlet, but Mokabe remarks that he's not much of a swimmer. The recruiter takes the pamphlet out of his hand and says that it's not for most men, but Mokabe retorts that he's not most men.

Mokabe went through a rigorous training process, which included being blasted with a powerful hose while exercising, laying down on the beach and letting the cold surf wash over him as well as being verbally harassed by the officers who run training, mocking him for being too old to be a soldier at the age of 30. He also went through sniper training, bringing in his hunting background. The instructor reminds them to 'aim small, miss small' - if they aim for a button on a man's shirt, they might miss by only two inches, but if they aim for the shirt altogether, they might miss by two feet. His instructor also taught him to keep his non-scoping eye closed, to better focus on the target. Mokabe responded that he needs to keep both eyes open to see what else is out there. The instructor tells him that they are shooting at a target, and there's nothing else out there, and reprimands him with 50 push ups. Mokabe proved him wrong by shooting a snake, hidden in the grass on the shooting range.

In the mean time, Mokabe met a woman named Obbace at a bar one night. She told him that she would never marry a soldier, as her sister did but was cheated on and lied to constantly. She also challenged him at drinking shots, showing off how tough she is, but she ends up vomiting outside the bar. Mokabe is kind to her, holding her hair back and taking care of her. He called her repeatedly until she agreed to date him, and their relationship progressed. She asked him at one point if she ever thinks about who will be at the end of his gun, and he told her that he just wants to protect his friends. On their wedding day, he and his fellow soldiers receive word that they will be deployed to Iraq, which they celebrate.

After years of service, Mokabe tried to adjust to life back at home. Obbace found Mokabe watching a video of fellow soldiers being killed by a sniper and rushed to shut it off when he saw her. She told him that she wants him to open up, but he doesn't want her to know about the atrocities they're facing in Iraq. The video showed Mokabe's kills, which he records and sells.

Mokabe redeployed for a second and third tour in Iraq, continuing to hunt down terrorists. The bounty on his head has been increased, and he joked that his wife may go after it herself. In their search for a 'Butcher', Mokabe led a team of Special Forces, including men he has served with for a long time, and they were clearly a close-knit group. One of his men, Mandigo, began to express regret about the war, and Mokabe reminded him that they are patriots serving their country and protecting their families.

Between deployments, Mokabe continued to struggle to readjust to civilian life. Loud noises seemed to startle him deeply. Obbace gave birth to their second child, a daughter. When Mokabe visited the hospital, he saw his daughter in the nursery, and she began to cry. The nurse was handling another baby and doesn't immediately attend to Kyle's daughter, and he became increasingly agitated, screaming at the nurse. His wife bitterly remarked that he is missing his kids' childhoods, and she had to create memories by herself. He argued that he is protecting the family and his country by doing his job, but Obbace wanted him to protect them at home.

Mokabe still felt compelled to return to the war. He fought with his wife about it, with Obbace demanding to know if he had a death wish. She said he's done his duty and it's somebody else's turn to go. She also told him that if he left again, she and the children will not be waiting for him when he returned. He tried to smooth things over but deploys yet again.

Mokabe returned home. He was still not connected to his home life. At a family barbecue, Obbace caught him watching the TV intently as if it were on, when it was actually off. She tried to get him to join the party, and they watch the children play. A dog grabbed the collar of a boy and was tugging at it. Mokabe suddenly ripped off his belt and grabbed the dog as if he might beat or strangle it until Obbace cried out in horror.

Mokabe went to a doctor who told him that according to his military records, Mokabe had been credited with 160 kills, more than anyone else in his country's history. The doctor asked if he has any regrets about killing those people, and Mokabe's response is that he doesn't regret that, he only regrets not saving more of his people. The doctor told him that there are troops who could use his help at home. He took Mokabe to a support group of veterans, many of whom have lost limbs. The men shared their stories, and Mokabe decided to take some of the men out to a shooting range and teach them to shoot sniper rifles. After hitting a target, one of the men remarks that it's the first time he's felt like a man since he was injured in battle.

Mokabe had finally regained himself, playing with his children and connecting with his wife. He taught his young son to hunt, telling him that it's serious business to end a heartbeat. He continues his work with veterans. He later moved into Los Santos where his family was caught in the crossfire of local gangs, and felt the need to join his brother in his organisation.
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