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Noel Noir

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by Faizofficial, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Faizofficial

    Faizofficial Newer Guy

    Apr 3, 2020
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    Part 1: Lucky

    As far as introductions go, mine is a little complex. Let's take it from the top.

    Noel Noir. That's me, a young hustler from Dukes Liberty City. A place I had to get away from...sooner than later.​

    September 1st, 2019. 72 Hours Before Departure

    "Take this ticket, and go start something new somewhere far from here!" Those words echoed in my mind as I clutched the duffle bag strap firmly pressed against my chest. In this bag was my ticket to a new life. Blood on my shirt, and a bag full of work. This shit has gotten too familiar to me. The car I was riding shotgun in belonged to my childhood friend Percy. We just finished a mission that took 10 minutes to do and 6 months to plan. We've become so good at this shit that we started keeping track of the time.

    The mission was simple. A quick in and out, guns drawn, but nobody was supposed to get hurt!! We've done this shit numerous times, exactly as planned, it was supposed to take half the time. Nobody getting hurt is the important part, someone getting hurt is the reason it took longer than it needed to.

    We were stick-up kids. Broker dudes were notorious for what we did, but in Dukes we had that game on lock. We robbed drug dealers, rappers, everyone except women and children. If you had it, we took it. Was it right? This ain't about morals, right or wrong, it's what we had to do. And the house we just finished robbing belonged to the second biggest dope boy in the Burrough, Rico . The first...was our O.G. Dame. We got the drop on Rico from Dame. This was a personal mission. Dame wanted to send a message, but we were only supposed to get the work, nobody was supposed to get hit.

    Me and Percy pulled up to the apartment building Rico was operating out of. We had scoped it out for months, got familiar with everybody's routine and even got aquatinted with some of the feinds. Getting would be easy. No matter how many times we did this, the cold steel of my trusted 9mm tucked in my waistband against my skin was still unsettling. Me and Percy got led to a backdoor entrance by a crackhead we got familiar with, Lucy. Lucky Lucy. I always wondered why he was called that, he was a fiend...as far as I was concerned, there was nothing lucky about being a fiend.


    Part 2: The Drop

    "Just say the word Dame. We're in position now." Percy whispered on the phone. From the sounds of it, there weren't many people in the apartment. Percy gave me the nod. We kicked the door in, it was on!

    "Everybody on the fuckin' ground, you know why we're here!" I screamed, my muffled voice behind my black bandana sounded cold, even to me. There's just so many things in this game, that you never get used to. The screams, the crying, the innocent kids... oh the innocent kids.

    *BANG. BANG. BANG* Three shots rang off, and it wasn't from me or Percy. Somebody must've gave them the drop on us I thought as I got behind an old dirty couch trying to find out where the shots came from. My thoughts cut short when a kid, the age 2 or 3 stepped in front of me. "FUCK!" I thought to myself, there weren't supposed to be kids here, that was the arrangement. There was no time to think about this shit, we had to move. I grabbed the kid up, my gun in my other hand aimed at the only room we didn't clear. At this point, I was scared to let off because I didn't know who was in that room. Had to be Rico...but who else?

    "Out the fuckin' room now or the kid gets it." I knew I didn't have it in me to shoot a kid, but saying I would was the only way I saw is making it out of this. I just hoped they didn't call my bluff. A few seconds went by and then a woman was shoved out the room. She had a duffle bag in her hand, she seemed frantic. Almost like she was hiding something.

    " P-p-please..d-dont hurt my baby." She stuttered. The child was surprisingly calm during all this. "Give him the bag!" I said, motioning her with my gun to give the bag to Percy. As she started walking towards Percy, I saw movement in the room from a shadow on the wall. "Move!" I yelled to Percy, as I shuffled to the left, shooting the woman in her leg, and letting a few more rounds off in the room. She screamed in pain as I let the kid down, ran for the bag and grabbed Percy by his shirt "We gotta get outta here." I said to him as we ran out the front door.

    "I think you shot Rico." Percy said as we ran down the hallway of the project building trying to find the stairs.

    "I could give a fuck who got hit right now, we gotta get outta here!" I replied.

    Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. All I could think about is Dame sending us into a situation where a woman was hurt and a kid could've gotten killed.

    *BANG* a shot went off. I assumed it was from the apartment we were just in, who gives a fuck. We had to leave. I heard sirens in the distance. They had to be heading for us.

    We ran through the front door of the apartment building, trying to figure out which way the car was. We saw Lucy. He waved us off behind his back as we approached. Noticing this, I tapped Percy, pointed my head in Lucy's direction to signal him, then we went the other way. We found the car, jumped in and headed off. As we drove by the buildings entrance, we saw cops holding Lucy against the hood of their car. All I could think to myself was "Lucky fuckin' Lucy."


    Part 3: Lost In Transition

    "Dame what the fuck?!" I yelled as I barged through the door of The Spot. The Spot was a bar on Meadows Park Ave, Dukes that Dame owned. We hung out here, made plans here and right now I was ready to die here. At least that's what it appeared to Dame that I wanted to do.

    "First off, don't barge in here talking to me like that. If I ain't know why you was coming at me like that, I'd put a fuckin' bullet in your head." Dame responded calmly as he lit his cigar.

    "No kids. I specifically told you, no kids!" I said to him as I sat in the chair beside him, signaling the bartender to give me my special drink. An old fashion with rye whiskey.

    "Look, I know the rules. Shit I made them. I didn't know there would be kids there. We've planned this for months, not once did we see a kid come out of that apartment." He replied taking a pull from his cigar. As much as I didn't want to admit it, he was right. No one knew, this all came as a surprise.

    "How'd they know we were coming? Once we got in, it's like they immediately started shootin' at us." I said, taking one last deep breath then a swig of my drink.

    "I'm not sure, the good news is you got out of there alive, you got the work and you got Rico." His response was eerie, a little off. I paid it no mind as we got up and headed to the back room. "The shell casings are going to lead back to that gun you love, so you're going to have to dump that shit." We got back to his office, he opened the safe where he stashed his money, jewelery and guns. He reached inside, grabbed a duffle bag and tossed it to me. "You're going to have to leave here for a little bit. There's a ticket in there to Los Santos. Go there. Build a life, and forget this place even exists! A lot of heat is going to come down on us, and you need to not be here."

    September 4th, 2019. 4 hours before departure

    I haven't showered in days. I had to make my rounds, talk to the people I needed to, do the things I needed to do. This was going to be hard, but it was necessary. I had to leave Liberty City as soon as possible. I had never been to Los Santos, I had no people over there. And the work Dame fronted me was enough to move to have some pocket money when I landed. I never questioned his reasoning as to why he wanted me to leave. But with Rico out the picture, I'm sure something big was slated to happen. Whatever the reason, here I was...ten minutes away from boarding a plane to a place I had never been before. Hopefully my story there will end up better than my story here. May the city of saints be kind to me...

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