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Piru Mafia

Discussion in 'Organizations' started by TenDollarGrams, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. TenDollarGrams

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    Aug 15, 2019
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    Welcome to the Pirus.

    We originated from Piru street in Compton, the Pirus were founded in 1969 by Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens. After Sylvester Scott Died March 2006 and Owens went missing, Piru Drako Mosey decides to go all the way to Los Santos to expand the Pirus. Present day the Pirus have expanded all over the world including Los Santos. We aspire to be the biggest gang in Los Santos and the most respected. The Pirus is a dangerous criminal organization that knows only tough life and murder, but we have different plans once we land in Los Santos. We have plans to start up legal businesses all over the city of Los Santos while running the weapons and drugs that go around the city.
    images (1).jpg
    We have rules in place to keep the Pirus in line, failure to comply will result in instant removal.
    Hard work, dedication, and loyalty are the three most important rules. (if you are going to be gone contact a higher up)
    2. You must always follow instructions from your higher ups or risk being punished for it.
    3. You may never give any other organization any information about us not even member count.
    4. You must attend all meetings as required. (If you cannot make it contact a higher up)
    5. You must be able to maintain and take care of yourself as well as the organization requirements. (money in the bank, ect)
    6. You may never disrespect any hierarchy, always respect those above and below you.
    7. Must make sure you go through all plans and study them well so we can execute with success.
    8. Always be professional we will not tolerate people acting like children on the streets.
    9. You will respect everyone on the streets even if said person is in another gang.
    10. War is the last thing we want so stay smart and don't cause trouble with anyone from other gangs unless they are causing trouble with you.
    11. If you are in trouble make sure you call for backup, engaging by yourself should be avoided at all costs unless its unavoidable.
    12. Always wear your colors.
    13. Make sure to stay true to your brothers and protect each other when needed.
    14. Stay strapped up don't get caught lacking on the streets.
    15. Follow all initiation rules and all orders while in initiation phase failure to do so will result in removal.
    16. Only the Boss and Made man can wear suits failure to comply will result with punishment
    images (2).jpg
    Clothing and Vehicles are and important part of the Pirus failure to comply will result in punishment
    The Pirus wear red clothing preferable a red shirt and shoes at least. There is no limitations on clothing as long as you have red on you to represent. You're vehicles are expected to be red also but there are no limitations customization wise, as long as you have the primary color red.
    How to join
    Go up to any Piru and ask to join, they will appoint you to one of the higher ups in town. If there are no higher ups in town they will take down your number and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You will go through an initiation phase where we will see if you are fit for the gang. You must follow all initiation rules or you will be removed without warning. Most of the time we will come to you if we see you fit for us.

    Boss - The Boss is the leader of the Pirus.

    Made Man - Being a Made Man is the most honorable rank in the Pirus, they are in charge when the Boss is out of town.

    Soldiers - Soldiers are the main population of the Pirus they will be respected by everyone and fear no one they are the ones running the streets making money for themselves and the gang.

    Initiate - Initiates will prove their worth to the higher ups and must do what they say to be able to be in the gang.

    Find a new HQ in Los Santos
    2. Build up our members and become stronger
    3. Get a steady income to support our organization and its members
    4. Own legal and illegal businesses within our organization to cover our tracks
    5. Take control of the weapons trade
    6. Make connections and make friends with organizations
    7. Be one of the most wealthy and respected gangs in the city
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  2. Padpilot

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    Aug 4, 2019
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    Well, that Red Bandana has got to go I'm afraid ;) good job nice thread :)
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  3. Joshua

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    Sep 9, 2017
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    nice thread!
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  4. xanzee

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    Jul 26, 2019
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    hi, nice thread
    change your color tho :*)
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  5. JoeSlice

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    legit coming to your house irl to help you change your mind
    you change your color ;)
  6. xanzee

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    Jul 26, 2019
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    where ya @?
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