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Ravida Bellencourt

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by mimallones, May 3, 2020.

  1. mimallones

    mimallones Newer Guy

    Apr 29, 2020
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    Ravida Bellencourt is originally from the middle of America, calling the states of Wyoming and the Dakotas her home. She was born to her parents, Tom and Emilia and was actually born in Sheridan, Wyoming shortly after her parents moved there from a big city. From birth to her moving to Los Santos, she was always surrounded by support and ways to better her many skills and talents she's gained over the years, such as; drawing, pottery making, singing, dancing, piano playing, getting first aid certified through her local girl scout troop, motorbike riding, and many more.

    She's a fun loving, quiet, calm-headed, thoughtful, and friendly young adult, who's mostly interested in the arts, comics, nature, trying her best to help others either mentally or physically, and some more darker things like horror movies and tv shows, watching docuseries and reading about serial killers, and goth/punk fashion and subculture. Ravida also enjoys older TV shows, like the ones you'd find on MeTV and almost any music that was produced before the 2010's.

    She's a very good listener and able to mold herself to get along with almost anyone and usually tries to give anyone a second chance at a possible friendship with her, even if the other person just rubs her the wrong way or somehow there was a bad first impression made. Ravida will always try to calmly talk her way from a negative situation to a positive, quickly squash anything from personal struggles to "beef" that might happen between her and others. She also cares about those that she starts to make a personal connection with, hating seeing them get hurt and would fight tooth and nail to protect them if she needs to. She'll also stand up for anything that seems wrong in her eyes or anyone who's in trouble or getting put down, always offering to lend a hand or personal time to hear about their problems. She's also a huge goof ball, loving to go onto adventures with the people she loves and enjoys, even if they end up with an ER visit.

    She's currently apart of the Lost MC, a group who she loves and adores and is so glad to have met on her first day into the city. From there, she's met a lot of other people, like Jon Flemming and Daddy Denver, who she considers her closest and best friends within the group. Though them she's met a few people from other groups and/or gangs, such as Anarchy, DOJ, and EMS. Some of her other friends Ravida is usually with are Ray Fontaine and Rick Bleacher, who crack her up with how funny they can be and just in general enjoys their company, even if it's just sitting together in silence. Ravida has has some interest in becoming an EMT because of her first aid knowledge, expressing that she would like to shadow and do ride-along to she if she would enjoy the job and the people she'd be working with.

    Edit May 7, 2020:
    Ravida recently accepted becoming the Vice President of the Lost MC Chapter in Los Santos, as well as putting in an application for ride-along's with the Los Santos Medical Department. Both of these are big steps for her, but she's ready to see how the city of Los Santos rescues and treats it's citizens as well as try her best to lead and protect her new family she's found. She's also noticed that she's shown get choice making, especially after being involved in two shootings where her family and the department she wants to get to know were involved. It's made her more hell-bent on further developing her first response skills and to protect those who need her, even if they don't want her.

    Edit May 20, 2020:
    Ravida's friendships within the city has grown as she's gotten use to her Vice President role. She's also been accepted into the Los Santos Emergency Services as a student with the end goal of working under Delta Dawn herself. She's branching out, trying and learning new things, and starting to have fun with other Los Santos citizens, no matter where they come from. She's also noticed that people who she's never met know her and that her helpful and compassionate nature has gotten around the city.

    She's also so very happy that the Lost MC has been growing exponentially with many new prospects being found in the mines and the pier. Ravida adores the new members, wanting to get to know them more as she tries her best to protect them and lead. Keeping up with appearances is hard sometimes for her, since with so many new people flying into Los Santos and new changes to the city's laws and rules means more times where she has to step away and recollect herself. There's been many times where she's even drove away, going to the grave site of Jarod King, a man that she never personally knew but feels peace and comfort with.

    She's also gotten a very meaningful tattoo from her first ride-along with Brandon Gotti, one at the base of her neck for an officer named Micky Cohen, another man she never knew but felt sympathy for since mental health is important to her. Ravida's even expressed that the LSES should open up a mental health department or that she, herself, would add more to her plate and offer therapy services to anyone who would need it.

    Edit May 28, 2020:
    Ravida has gotten way more use to city life, seeming to break out of her shell and acting more independent, knowing that whatever she'd get into, she'd get help from anyone. She's currently wanting to get better relationships with members of gangs she doesn't know that well, like those in the Rebels, Savages, and The Family, the Crows, and especially Bratva. So far, she feels like she's succeeding, slowly hanging out with more of them along side her own MC and group of friends she already has.

    Ravida was also torn during this time, hanging small flings with a few guys here and there that never really amounted to anything other then talking and hanging out while driving around Los Santos, but she's decided that she's going to see how dating the Lost MC's own president Armann Audunhus is, doing more with him than she has with anyone else in the city. The two mesh well together as far as she can tell, and he's even admitted to her that there's been pier rumors of them. She does genuinely enjoy his attention as well, and the fact that he bought Mad Dog's hearse just of her. Ravida's found herself in a happy and comfy place just hanging out and laying on beaches or stargazing with him and she feels like he's a good place where she can just be her normal, goofy self. She's also very happy that he seems to be interested in goth subculture, since that is very important to her.
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  2. Aaron "Chapel" Boyard


    May 17, 2020
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    And she loves the Watchman
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