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Ringo Kihara

Discussion in 'Character Stories' started by 8BitBento, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. 8BitBento

    8BitBento Newer Guy

    Apr 25, 2020
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    [The Kihara family Kamon, a Koi with Golden Scales swept by a Red Wave]


    Born to Yui and Elias Glassow, a U.S. Navy Lieutenant and his Japanese wife, Ringo was set up to have a simple and easy life, and for the majority of it thus far, it has been exactly that. The family had a lovely home on the Northwest coastline of the United States, with Elias finding a lovely plot of land for his family to settle into after coming home with his new bride, who had left her entire world behind to follow her heart and dreams to an entirely new land of opportunities... Or maybe it was to escape a darker past, no one may ever know by this point.

    Ringo was a happy child, leading a happy life. He flew under the radar in school, with no real bullies, and plenty of good friends. Even through High School he aced his classes, studying as many extracurricular activities as he could manage, yet still finding time to party with his friends on weekends. As he got to the point of College however, he began to take what can only be labeled as a near-obsessive fascination with Economics. He loved to run numbers and find the best deal on everything, brain constantly churning to squeeze as much profit as he could out of every single transaction.

    Elias was happy to see his son setting himself up for what would no doubt be a profitable career, but Yui was far less ecstatic about her child's newfound life choice. As Ringo learned how to set up a business and make profits from practically anything, she saw her family's ties to Yakuza showing in the young man. Before long she felt the need to contact her father, Touma Kihara, an Oyabun of his own Organization in Japan, to try and convince him to talk to Ringo, and explain that money brings a great deal of corruption and issues.

    At first the plan worked, and Ringo was told the side of the coin of avoiding corruption, and staying on a path of Light, but soon enough the young man felt an urge... a calling to find out more about what might be on the other side of that same coin. And so he took a chunk of his profits and took a flight to Japan, in secret from his parents of course. Once he arrived, he tracked down Touma to get more info about what exactly the Yakuza did, and what he should be staying away from. At first his grandfather honored Yui's wishes, and withheld information from Ringo, but it didn't take long for the determination to waver. The old man saw something in the grandchild. Perhaps it was as though he had seen something of his younger days in Ringo, or perhaps he wanted to keep a legacy going. Whatever the reason, it was never shared, and neither man ever cared to elaborate on the point. They simply grew to enjoy the company of the other, and soon enough Touma had taken Ringo under his wing.

    Much like Ringo had grown to become, Touma was a businessman first and foremost, prefer to keep his crimes to gambling and sales, rather than violence or flat out extortion, and upon returning home, Ringo felt a burning desire to do the same. With his Grandfather's blessing, and order, and no shortage of tears and worry from his mother and father, Ringo packed up and moved to the Golden City of Los Santos. It was painted as a land of opportunity, and where there were opportunities to be taken, there were profits to be made.

    Despite only being one man, with a long journey ahead of him, Ringo had a plan to set up both legal, and perhaps illegal, sources of income and business. As soon as he feet touched down on the island he was plotting and planning, making a mental layout of the building and immediately crunching numbers among the businesses he stumbled across..

    And so his journey into becoming a member of the Yakuza began, but whether it's to be a descent or ascension is yet to be seen..

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  2. Zelyr

    Zelyr squished hamster

    Nov 13, 2019
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    Ringo [​IMG]
    Ikigai-Gumi, Dan Hills.
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