Rules Updated: Gangs & Gang HQs

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Date Released: 05/25/2022

Hello everyone,

We've amended a rule in our Gangs & Gang HQs section!

Gangs & Gang HQ's
Gangs may only attack one HQ per week.

Gangs & Gang HQ’s
  1. Gang HQ’s are considered to be RP’ly populated at all times. You may not engage in any sort of PvP / Crime in another Gang’s HQ without permission from Group Management.
  2. You may not bait or troll another gang outside or near their HQ.
  3. Leaving a situation in which you are initiated on and retreating back to your HQ will automatically grant permission for the opposing gang to attack your HQ. It is the responsibility of the attacking party to ensure they have bodycam of the entire situation and must provide it if asked by Group Management.
  4. Players may not enter Gang HQ interiors, such as properties or garages, while initiated on or in an active situation or chase.
  5. Attacking Gang HQs will be permitted if there is a drug table or RV clearly visible from the outside of the Gang HQ without entering the premises of the Gang HQ. You must have footage of your POV showing the drug table or RV in regards to this rule if Group Management requests evidence of it.
  6. Law Enforcment will be required to do extensive investigative roleplay before getting permission to raid and Gang’s HQ. However, if you able to see a group’s drug operation clearly from the outside, you may raid the RV’s and drug tables that are not in the HQ interior.

Happy Roleplaying!

Mafia City Roleplay Team
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