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Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud

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Dec 29, 2020
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Cloud is in his late 20s, he was born in 1997 and is originally from the small city of Valdosta in the County of Lowndes, GA. But he ended up grew up in Denver after his mother took him away when his father turned more and more abusive towards them when he was drunk.

Cloud joined the United States Marine Corps when he was 18 and served as a medic, he fought in Afghanistan. He saw multiple friends get killed by terrorists and land mines, events that scared him, and that made him colder towards other people, even friends. His military service, however, got stained and lasted only a few years, ending in a court-martial, after he and some fellow soldiers didn't obey the orders of their commands to shoot and killed everyone inside a car that was going full speed towards a barricade, the officials thought that is was terrorist and gladly he and the others didn't shoot since it was only men and women on the front seat and 4 little kids in the back seat that were fleeing from the Taliban in the desert, but because he disobeyed and had some problems with following orders in some situations since he didn't believe anymore in the cause and the reason they were there, he got dismissed without honors from the USMC after 2 years of service.

After getting dismissed from the army he started hanging around with some bikers from a local club in Denver, his army experience led to him becoming this club's medic for backdoor emergency surgery when needed. Due to his loyalty to the MC, he became a full-patched member at the age of 22.

Trouble eventually catch up with him because of his connections with the MC's illegal activities, he was caught and sentenced to two years in Englewood Federal Correctional Institution following his conviction for an arson job. When he was in his last year at this minimum security prison, he was sentenced to two more years at ADX Florence, Cloud was sent to this Federal Prison because of his links with organized crime, but was from here that he continued working for the MC and creating new relations inside the prison that would make life much easier for the Club outside.

He was eventually at the age of 26 release from prison and set free after completing 4 years in prison. When he was paroled, he got a job as a waiter at a local restaurant but he was struggling to earn "clean" money, and eventually, he returned to the life he was used to be living with the MC but when war with a bigger MC started and the Federal Police started arresting people and investigating everything and everyone.

Cloud knew he had no other option than to leave Denver and move to Los Santos.
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