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Server Rules Q&A

Discussion in 'Information' started by Mafia City Roleplay, Feb 29, 2020.

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  1. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    Dear Community Members,

    This thread has been created so that the members of the community can use this as a place to look for answers for any questions they have about the server rules. The reason for this is so that we can clear up any confusion and in turn use this section to improve our rules as well.

    No community is perfect, but we strive to better ours in any way we can and this is one measure we're currently taking to do that. This is something of a trial run or experiement with this process so please bare with us and keep looking here for updates.

    Q&A Section is below this point if you wish to ask a question please post it here:

    Q1: As part of EMS, I see a lot of people bringing their downed gang members to the MD on bikes. Would that count as an immersion break? I've seen numerous times where gangs bring someone who has been run over or shot numerous times. How would they be able to hold on the bike when the driver is going about 80 to 90 in terms of speed.

    This is something that we consider to be non-immersive, but instead of tackling this from a rule perspective we will be working to fix it scriptly. So that way we prevent rule bloat.

    Q2: I'd like to ask why the rule for committing crimes in daylight was introduced, Ultimately, this is the wierdest rule I have ever come across on any server, that doesn't make sense as people who sell drugs still do that in daylight, trying to evade from police still happens in daylight and much more. I think the rule is grounds for "Nitpicking" between groups / gangs etc.

    IRL - In the uk we have smash n grabs, jewellery shop robberies, gas station robberies, knife crime, theft etc all happening in daylight whether there is multiple people around or not.

    A: So this is something that we've been experimenting with, as people shouldn't be robbing individuals constantly. You shouldn't walk down the street and get robbed 5 times before you reach the end. We're looking at multiple ways of tackling this issue but this was one of the very beginning modifications of it.

    C1:In reference to the discussion on RP after a shooting.... there is no need to RP if someone has been killed by gun violence... everyone aims for the head so no one would survive... so the idea that we can try to fight back is bull shit.... at the very least they can stand at a distance and just shoot us again to finish us off... so unless they are unable to take the 2nd "finishing shot" a kill is a kill. No need for RP... no /me /do... if they take the 2nd shot then its over... move on and respawn. This simplifies all the reports, and makes things more cut and dry.

    A: This is something that we're working to correct as well, there's a revision of rules coming. The whole reason for finishing kills with a /me, was due to the respawn script. There's multiple ways we're working on ways to tackle things as efficiently as possible.

    #1 Mafia City Roleplay, Feb 29, 2020
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2020
  2. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    Q: As my question is in regards to a suggestion I made yesterday before this thread was up I will link it and provide some detail;

    The way the server rules currently state the following rule is as follows;
    "Committing crime during the day (between sunrise/sunset while daylight is present) in areas that tend to be heavily populated (e.g. the fishing pier, stores, busy city roads and highways, truckers yard) is not permitted. Efforts should be made to keep illegal roleplay in private areas where possible. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Mugging a player in the middle of the street in downtown Los Santos"
    I believe this should be re-worded to something similar to the likes of;
    Committing crime during the day (between sunrise/sunset while daylight is present) in areas that tend to be heavily populated (e.g. the fishing pier, stores, busy city roads and highways, truckers yard) is not permitted unless a reasonable effort has been made to hide your identity from others knowing who you are. You must also face all IC consequences that emerge from acting so unorganized (cops, government officials, bystanders recording, etc). Efforts should be made to keep illegal roleplay in private areas where possible. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Mugging a player in the middle of the street in downtown Los Santos
    I would also like it to be implemented that it's based on the scenario. If for example, I am randomly robbing a dude at the bank then, of course, that's ruining the immersion and realism of the roleplay however if I decide to take out a hit on a bike on a dude at the pier, masked up, organized as much as I can and hit him there and then - it shouldn't matter what time it is. We have LSPD for a reason.

    A: As mentioned in Q1 We're working on multiple ways of tackling this issue, robberies happen as rapidly as a coronavirus pandemic, and there are multiple ways to tackle these issues that we face. We most certainly are looking into altering this one to make it more realistic.

    Q: There's been some debate and inconsistencies in answers I've seen regarding my question, so could you please clarify once and for all;
    • Are we supposed to RP as if the server is heavily populated with pedestrians or not?

    Whilst looking for a normal hatchback, the criminals claimed it was metagaming to spot theirs and assume due to how many common hatchbacks there would be but as far as I know, staff at the time said PD were right. On another occasion, a member of PD got in to trouble for driving on a sidewalk because "there would be pedestrians".

    A: Realistically this is a big city, as and such it would be heavily populated, however, at this time we're not calling for people to constantly act as if the city is completely occupied. If that were the case people wouldn't be able to be in chases or driving like maniacs like they do.

    The Police Department has its own policies and standards set, if they wish to hold themselves to a higher expectation roleplay wise that's something with their department.

    Q:While in pursuits, if a person turns into a felon based on the damages they caused is it appropriate for us to KOS?
    Like a pursuit that has already gone on for a while, the person has hit and run and rammed police cruisers.. going 80mph through residential areas, unknown gang affiliation etc.
    I have seen a previous ruling where running over a person once wasn't enough reason to shoot and I'm wondering from an LEO perspective.


    A: If someone causes damage to items that are not necessarily true. In this situation with KoS, you'll have to follow your department's force protocol and if authorized lethal force is permitted. A KoS situation would call for if they're causing harm to an individual. In the rules it sates for KoS:
    So in this situation yes.

    Q: This "you do not have to roleplay injuries over VOIP" makes zero sense to me.

    Nobody is expecting you to scream out loud or anything but a silent moan does it already, there are quite a lot of reports out there for non-roleplay of injuries and the people just keep talking like nothing happened to them.

    A: This is something we're looking into but we don't have as something we enforce at this time.

    Q: Do you need to ask a /do when cuffing somebody via the b menu? I was once told, that due to there being an automatic /do and a 3 second delay, you don’t need to do an additional /do or wait for a response.

    A: Yes, forceful actions do require a /do, rules surrounding /do's are also something we're looking into.

    Q: If you are held at gunpoint upon exiting a house or factory, are you required to, if demanded, to let the attackers in the facility, take everything, etc?

    A: Yes, currently with what the rules state there is no limitation in this circumstance when you have a weapon aimed at you, you are under FearRP and are expected to comply with demands. Other than if they try to get you to withdraw money from an ATM they can rob you.

    #2 Mafia City Roleplay, Mar 17, 2020
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  3. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    Q: Why is FearRP not limited? Of course I wouldn't try to gamble my life on being able to overthrow multiple enemies. But I don't get why I'm not allowed to take my chances against one random dude that's aiming at me, especially when I see an opening.

    A: There are limitations if someone gets distracted and turns away you have ample opportunity to run, however, we don't allow people to roleplay like this is some Hollywood fantasy scene. Realistically you're not going to behave rashly.

    Q: Will, we ever have a criminal Rule update I realized they're a lot of stuff were lacking I gathered some ideas bringing back old-school RP

    A: Yes, and it will take some time to get it done as we have to be specific, we're working on a lot of things and currently we're managing a lot especially with the COVID19 unsettling some of the staff team's lives. As for the rest of your statement in this message, that is a suggestion, not a question.

    Gang Rules:

    Gangs are for roleplay, first and foremost. As such they must roleplay everything with respect to server rules from invitations to gang wars.

    Gangs are expected to spend a decent amount of time roleplaying or otherwise "hanging around" their home turf (HQ). This is not to say that you are limited to that area, but we would like to see you there often.

    Gangs must have a roleplay reason to raid other gangs or start a gang war. If a gang is found raiding another gang without sufficient RP reason, a strike will be issued.

    this one would be really good

    In a gang war, you may only attack members that are directly involved in the war that is were uniforms will help identify.
    All gangs are expected to maintain a uniform theme and wear their colors at all times. For example, if you run a Clown Grove or Ballas Outcast themed gang, we expect you to remain in your uniform/colors eg purple/mask or green-yellow and not to go running around in a crow or other group uniform or lack identification n use random civ clothes see the pride in who you're and wear your uniform. it will have to be enforced that Civs cannot use these types of things to avoid mistaken identity as if you shoot for instance the wrong person n they're not affiliated you will be punished for it.

    Every single invite must be roleplayed sufficiently. We will not tolerate weak or minimal roleplay when it comes to inviting and this will be strictly enforced.

    Under no circumstance may you change your gang's name, theme, or slot-holder without the express consent of Gang Management. Failure to obtain the aforementioned consent will result in a disband- no exceptions.

    Gang leader must stay as owner and can't be demoted to a lower rank without Admin req

    Each gang may have no more than 3 underbosses 2 leaders

    Criminal gang members may not call cops to n active shootout found doing so will result in punishment I find it really unrealistic that gang/group members call cops once they're losing.. that is where the PD comes in handy to file Complaints on what calls go through, the cops shouldn't be getting called into full-scale wars by other gang members then PD having to be gunned down because of it. if it is a civ call then fair enough

    The use of sub-gangs is explicitly disallowed. Any gang found to be creating or using other gangs as a sub-gang will find itself disbanded along with the sub-gang

    Strikeable Offenses:

    anyone higher up makes a rule breach = strike
    multiple member rule breaches = strike

    feel free to add more ideas but this is some I found and reworded to come up with some you might not like some and you might like the strikes might cause a lot of OOC forum reporting to try to get the other gang disbanded so might want to take that into consideration but feel free to read maybe you'll like to add some to the community.

  4. Mafia City Roleplay

    Mafia City Roleplay Bot Lead Admin

    Feb 2, 2018
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    Q: When in an active RP situation and someone is downed then finished. That person can’t return to the RP scenario again indefinitely correct?

    Three man team attacks another group at their base of operations. One of the three man attackers is downed and finished. The other two attackers are still roaming the area, shooting, driving around, but still in the same active scenario started by the three attackers.

    The downed and finished attacker isn’t allowed to return to that RP scenario indefinitely correct?

    A: Yes, although we're working on gang-related rules as well, and some spicy features coming soon that may resolve some of these issues. ;)

    Q: I just had a discussion about NPCs helping in /do and /me. I am an EMT who isn't trained in mountain rescue nor got the right equipment for it? For example, I know that the patient is stuck on a mountain ledge and I can’t access the area with an ambulance and going there with a stretcher would be super dangerous. I requested RPly a mountain rescue unit that would get the patient into a safe area for me to stabilize it. After that RP I would drag him up the mountain. Would that be held as a rule breach and I would be punished?

    A: It's a bit difficult to understand what exactly you're asking, but if you're asking if you can roleplay a mountain rescue squad rescuing a patient and bringing them to you because it's unsafe for you to approach, that's perfectly acceptable. We encourage those who wish to do more in-depth roleplay and we are limited scriptly with a lot of things. But we can adapt things through roleplay if all parties agree, remember your /do's for consent and if needed you can always request a Moderator through a report.. :)

    Q: Why can’t we rob people at stores? The server wants us to imagine that there are "people" walking around the city, driving vehicles, walking down sidewalks, shopping in general stores during the day, being able to see or be alerted of crimes during the day.

    A: This is a question that can be answered with one of our earlier questions. We're looking at better ways to tackle the "Daylight" issue, as for robbing people at stores, the stores would have CCTV footage. We live in a world where technology captures your every move, and we just try to encourage criminals to behave in a more thoughtful manner and put more thought into their roleplay.

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