Staff Team Update - August 2021


Staff Team Update

Dear Community
We're very excited to announce the following individuals have passed their application phase into the staff team.



Support and Tester Team members are considered an important part of our community and development process on MCRP. We are happy to see players showing a major interest in joining the team to make a difference. If you are interested in volunteering your time and fit the requirements, please take some time to fill out the application here.

To those that have been accepted, it is your responsibility to reach out to Administrative Services via Discord Ticket to confirm that you are accepting your invitation to the staff team. Failure to do this within a period of one month will result in your invitation being revoked. Administrative Services is not required to contact you first regarding your acceptance. In your message, you should include your desire to accept the invitation.
After you have made contact the next steps are:

  1. Schedule your Orientation date and time with Administrative Services in the #staff-applicant channel on Discord.
  2. Attend Orientation, ensure you are 15 minutes early to your scheduled Orientation.
  3. R&U Staff Handbooks and Policies.
  4. Receive your role!
If you are unable to attend orientation, please ensure you contact Administrative Services ONE HOUR before the orientation begins. Failure to attend an excess of 3 orientations will result in your invitation to the staff team being revoked.