Sup Ya'll, I'm Josh.

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    Hey Guys!

    First allow me to thank you guys for joining our community, Mafia City Roleplay. Let's jump in! Well, roleplay quickly became a passion of mine back in late 2009 on San Andreas Multiplayer. Since I originally started Roleplaying I have always been passionate about creating the best possible community. I've spent thousands of hours on both the administration and player side of communities, which really taught me the "Dos and Donts" of a community, and every day I make my best attempt to incorporate my lessons of time.
    If you guys ever have any questions don't be afraid to ask, I'm extremely welcoming and my door is always open. I'm eager to see the introductions of all community members, seeing so many people from so many different backgrounds absolutely amazes me.​
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  6. 2009 called, they want their capitalized letters back.
  7. Hi there bro!!
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