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Tester Team Update - January 2019

Discussion in 'Archive' started by InvalidFelix, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Aug 26, 2018
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    Tester Team Update - January 2019

    Hello Everyone!

    First off Happy New Year! With a new year do you know what we need? New Testers! and here we have the next runner ups to enter into the ranks as a Staff Member to contribute and benefit the community for times to come! With this Privilege comes great responsibility and great accomplishments should you succeed in your endeavors! I give to you, the list of individuals to be introduced into the Tester Team:​
    • Discolt
    • Hootless
    • Original
    • Roberto
    • Xypint
    • Waffels
    To those who have been Accepted amongst the Ranks of Staff, Congratulations and Welcome! We hope here at Mafia City Roleplay that you aspire to do and achieve great things there's a lot to do and get involved so wash your hands because they're about to get dirty as you dig deeper into what Mafia City Roleplay is really about. ;)

    Please contact InvalidFelix with your availability for the next week to get your instructions and to show that you are still interested and accepting this formal invitation to join the Tester Team.

    To those who have not been Accepted, feel free to try and apply again in the future, not getting accepted this time around doesn't mean you are prevented in the future from applying, so if you really want to become a part of the Team give it another go! we're still looking for more Testers!​
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