Tester Team Update - November 2019

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    Tester Team Update - November 2019

    Hello Everyone!

    I am very happy to be able to announce that the following people have passed the application process to become members of our team here at MCRP.
    Congratulations to the following

    • WarGuff
    • Qualiam
    • Ravyn Black
    • Gauge Michaels
    • Dizzle
    • Behemoth
    • Jessy Black
    • MOTIVLegend
    • Crypler

    We're finally here! We are finally opening the gates and I am sure that you all are just as excited as we here on the staff team are. The tester role within the Mafia City staff team has been an incredibly important part of our development process and will continue to be an important part after our release as they not just continue to test future features but act as Support Staff members as well.

    If you would like to become a member of our amazing team as well you can apply by clicking here.

    Make sure to read the requirements before applying or reaching out to myself for more information. If you applied but do not see your name on the list above you can message me or another member of Staff Management to find out the reason for your denial if you would like to apply again.

    To anyone who feels discouraged about putting in an application, did you have a bad reputation in another community? Did you have an admin record? Here at MCRP that doesn't matter, we are impartial. We only base our judgment on how you do here at MCRP and give you the chance to have a FRESH start. We believe a positive environment can define a person just as a person can define that environment.

    To those who have been accepted, it is your responsibility to reach out to Staff Management to confirm that you are accepting this formal invitation, failure to do this within the time period of one month will result in their invitation being revoked. Staff Management will NOT contact you first in regards to your acceptance. In your message, you should include your desire to accept the invitation.

    After you've made contact the next steps are:

      • Staff Management will start the process of scheduling Orientations
        1. Once they have scheduled an Orientation with you, it is expect that you attend
        2. If you miss an excess of 3 Orientations that you are expected to be present in, you will be denied your invitation
        3. Please ensure to be at least 15 minutes early to your scheduled Orientation
        4. If you are unable to make an Orientation please let Staff Management know at least 1 hour in advance
      • Once you attend Orientation your permissions and roles will be assigned
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    Congrats Everyone! Im looking forward to this:emoji_grin:
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