The Grimm Order




The Grimm Order crime syndicate was born in Los Santos by Quentin “Q”Gee II, former underboss of the wealthy and powerful Good Family. After fighting for and seeing Good Family rise to the top. Q, not foreign to the criminal life coming from New York. Running Good Family with Andrew Good and Cory Good at his right hand for years, He felt as if he had enough leadership experience and pull within the cities community to start his own group.

The Grimm Order
was born, named for the state and future of the city if nothing changed. Wanting to start a semi exclusive group with like minded people. Q started to bring in people from all walks of life. Many were denied membership when they asked, The Grimm Order was an invitation only membership. Wearing mostly white attire with a gold Oni mask representing them as a group, The high end suv and sports cars are no different in color.

With the help of Cory Good, Grimm Order started to become a paid to hire security organization as cover. The Grimm Order were able to work in the shadows and in the streets seamlessly. Sectioned into the legal and illegal. Helping to fund money into the group from all sides of the world. Taking a hold of High end Rockford Hills was the perfect place for The Grimm Order to set up their HQ for their criminal future.​





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Mar 6, 2021
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The Immortals

During times of fights from Black markets to weed sales. Laroi Famine came to mind with a group of people who stay calm, know their playing fields and clean communications on radio. Thus The Immortals were born. Hand-picked by Laroi himself, this is an elite squad within the group itself. Those who are trusted to lead members while on missions or in fights. These members stick out with their Black and Red Oni masks. They are the only ones allowed to wear them.

Bitter Sweet Times


Weeks passed as The Grimm Order started to build. Members finding their footing in their roles. Plans starting on what was next. Q had decided to go home, to be with family and within the next 2 days was when Cory received word that Q had passed away. Leaving Cory to step up into the Grim Reaper. Trusting Laroi as his second, he moved up from Horsemen to Scythe.
Not letting the grief consume them. Cory and Laroi quickly moved into action. Grimm wouldn’t falter. Plans were slowly getting back into place. Taking time to have a funeral for their late leader. Many friends coming to say a final goodbye to Q. One last drive through the city before they held service at the church just outside of Rockford.
Down time for Grimm Order was enjoyed for a bit. The wedding of Cory Good and Mandy Law was celebrated by friends and family but it was business time. The Grimm Order had plans, and now was the time to start them.

Rockford Take Over

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Making moves on the area they now call home. Jorge Votra, having connections within the city, brought up a deal they could not refuse. Cory, Mandy and Jorge sitting down with none other than John Gambino. John owning multiple businesses in the Rockford area was looking for some who loved the area and willing to rent out a few places. It was like a dream come true. A deal was struck with Mandy renting out the lavish restaurant Chebs and Jorge renting out the club Pink Sandwich. Shortly after Gambino came to Mandy with the opportunity of renting out the barber shop in Rockford as well. Goals of business’ to filter in money for the group done.
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