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    It's nothing personal... It's just business.

    This isn't a Development Blog. This is our first community announcement for plans for features and such.

    Introduction to Mafia City Roleplay

    Welcome to Mafia City Roleplay, we are a community devoted towards bringing players an experience never seen before. Our community is developed and ran by roleplayers who dedicated a lot of time working towards a common goal, immersion. Our background lies within the San Andreas Multiplayer community.

    We assembled Mafia City Roleplay in late August with the idea of creating a community that is different from the rest, we plan to hold the same core features of the majority of roleplay communities, however, we plan on bringing a new light on features that are generally overlooked and thrown away. Within our introduction, we will walk you through our goals, planned features, staff hierarchy, and even introduce you to our administrators.
    Our goals as a community

    As we previously stated our main goal is to provide our user base with the most immersive environment that is attainable through the GTA V modification. We plan on achieving this role through active development, feature enrichment, and vigorous administration.
    Mafia City Roleplay Timetable

    In future development blogs we will be able to better articulate our timetable, and as of right now, it appears that it will be within a couple months to be ready for launch. During this time the development team will be hard at work as much as they can. Our timetable can always move forward if we bring on more developers.

    During the time of development, the administration will be focusing on community growth, polishing our rules, and making a clean and usable platform for our server.
    Roleplay Type

    Mafia City Roleplay is breaking the wheel by refusing to define ourselves using the traditional scale of "Light, Medium, or Heavy Roleplay". Our goal is to provide the most immersive environment that is achievable, our regulations and features are to assist with players immersion. Any player that directly ruins, destroys, or detracts from immersion will be removed from the community.

    In simple terms, our roleplay type is Immersive.
    Our plans for features

    Our development team and administrators have been planning features and how we can introduce them to the community for some time. We would like to take some time to break down some of our features to you.

    These are super generalized main features. There are a lot more features in the works, these are the ones we felt like outlining.

    This is a mockup for our login system.​

    Multiple Characters & Character Creations

    Community members will have the ability to create multiple characters in-game, removing the inconvenience of having to fully disconnect from the server and rejoin just to switch characters. With the multiple character system, we will also have a complex character creation system that'll allow you to customize your character to your heart's desire. You will be able to select your character's gender, age, ethnicity, hair color, body type, and more!


    In-Character Communication

    Mafia City Roleplay's objective is to provide a basis for communication that will work with VOIP, allowing players to communicate with each other via microphone. All communication will be localized besides Personal Radios and Cellphones.

    At launch, text communication will be supported.

    Community Members will be able to store money in their own personal accounts.
    Full Interaction Menu

    Commands? Pfft... what are those?!

    Players will have the ability to own vehicles and customize them.



    We are introducing a group system that'll include both legal and illegal entities such as the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire and Medical Department, and various gang types such as Street Gangs, Mafia/Organized Crime, and Cartel/International Crime Syndicate. With our group system faction leaders will be able to customize their faction down to the simple details. Such as the amount of ranks and their naming, how many divisions and their naming, and which rank has which permission.

    We plan on introducing an intricate Mobile Data Terminal (MDC) to assist with legal group roleplay.

    Imagine a server where you could buy any building, business, or house within all of San Andreas. Well, that's what we are bringing you. Upon launch, every single building, business, and house can and will have a buy/sell point on them. Community members will be able to work their way up to mansions and skyrises if that's your goal! Other players may settle for a dusty apartment in northern Los Santos.

    Introductions to Corporations
    The Corporations system is planned to be one of our biggest and most intricate systems that we are producing. Corporations will give players the ability to own multiple businesses and employe hundreds of players.

    Licensing Types
    The Corporations system will begin with two type license types. The Singular Asset Ownership (SAO) license will grant corporations the ability to own a maximum of one property which could include a business or a house and select a primary sub-type. The Multiple Asset Ownership (MAO) license will grant corporations the ability to own multiple businesses and unlock multiple sub-types for the corporations. SAO and MAO licenses may own multiple vehicles and hire as many employees they wish.

    There are several subtypes for the Corporations system which will be included below.
    • Subtype 1: General (No bonuses)
    • Subtype 2: Taxi Company (bonus +10% on all taxi profits)
    • Subtype 3: Transportation (bonus +10% on all transportation profits)
      • Transport Type 3.1: Trucks
      • Transport Type 3.2: Air
      • Transport Type 3.3: Boat
    • Subtype 4: Farm Ownership (bonus +10% on all farm profits)
    Any information regarding the bonuses that are credited to a specific subtype are temporary and are subject to change.

    Corporation Employee Structure
    Owners of a corporation will have the ability to define their corporate structure by naming their ranks and assigning members to their desired positions.

    Benefits to being in a Corporation
    It's beneficial for a member to be apart of a Corporation because it will offer bonuses that will be further discussed. Being in a corporation will tax you per job completed.
    Complex Points System

    The Complex Points System, also known as CPS, is a new look at illegal group territories. We plan on allowing groups have the ability to control specific territories and by doing so they will gain perks. Legal factions will have the ability to shut-down a point. This will be further covered in a later blog.
    Staff Structure and Community Leadership

    Staff Structure

    Mafia City Roleplay believes in staff consolidation, we achieve this by limiting the number of positions that are obtainable as staff members. We believe that removing the factor of "Whoses what rank with what title" we will be able to increase the functionality of our staff team. Right now, Mafia City Roleplay currently has two administrative obtainable ranks, excluding administrator itself, which is Moderator and Senior Moderator.

    Administrators (Admin)
    Administrators hold sole authority in Mafia City Roleplay, they comprise the community management itself and is a position that is fixed.

    Senior Moderator (Senior Mod)
    This is the highest obtainable administrative position. This position is granted to individuals who are heading or leading a specific task such as Group Management, Community Relations, etc.

    Moderator (Mod)
    This position, Moderator, is the most important position within the community. Moderators hold sole administrative authority and have the ability to permanently ban and kick from all community resources. This position handles all reports in-game, on the forums, and discord. Some moderators may have side tasks such as Group Management, Community Relations, etc.

    Community Assistance Program (CA)
    Community Assistants are a position obtainable in Mafia City Roleplay, however, they are not considered administrative. Community Assistants are tasked with everyday questions and player support.
    Community Leadership

    Mafia City Roleplay's management position is plainly labeled Administrators, which is a staff position that is not considered obtainable. Administrators are tasked with the most demanding duties of the community and work towards a common goal: Providing the most immersive environment for all community members. Below is our current Community Leadership an their duties.


    That's all folks! We hope you enjoyed our first post! If you have any questions make sure to ask below! Sorry, we don't have more, you'll just how to wait for the next update!

    We know.. it is torture.
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