The Labazanovskaya Bratva



The Grandson of the original Pakhan, Ruslan is third in line to take over for his father in the Moscow syndicate. The Bratva is a semi-legal, semi-criminal organization based in Moscow. Think Robin Hood with a Russian accent, guns, and a slightly darker outlook on how to deal with those in power. Ultimately the Bratva fights fire with fire, attacking corruption in government, and knocking down those who oppress others.
So, not everything they do is perfectly legal so-to-speak, but they find peace in taking care of those who are less fortunate and flourish in the brotherhood of all their fellow members. Although their goal is to help the community, do not stand in the way of a member of the organization who is also trying to create their own path. Crossing their path the wrong way may create dire consequences for those involved.


Vladimir Labazanov created the Bratva when he was still a young man in 1970. Facing some problems at the start, he managed to establish a strong criminal network throughout the Russian part of the Soviet Union. He started by making small cross-border smuggling deals with the surrounding countries. Most of the income was from imported foods, beverages, and commodities which were exclusive for Russia at the time. Ten years in and he realized that the drug trade was taking off. Monopolizing the heroin epidemic of the 1980s the Bratva managed to occupy a niche in the fresh and empty market. Because of the already established trade routes and Vladimir’s international connections, it was easy for Bratva to take over the Russian heroin market. Though Vladimir tried to balance Bratva’s reputation by giving back to the community and seeing to the needs of the everyday man and woman. For example, they lend money to average people for low interest. supplied jobs for those who wanted to work, and looked after those who were unable to care for themselves. With time the Bratva became a respected organization for the people.


With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, Russia became a democratic country. For the first time, property ownership became a thing. New markets for legal business were there for the taking. A newly educated Alexandr Labazanov had spent 4 years in Switzerland studying economics at a university and his father was one of the most powerful persons in Russia. Bratva started to invest in legal businesses. Starting with banks, oil companies, and small niche businesses that would help with the laundering of their criminal money. Within 5 years a new breed of Bratva began. Alexandr's companies started exploding with income as they grew exponentially. It was a time to thrive for the Bratva, they expanded their influence into every realm and public forum.


In the early 2000s, the Bratva came to a phase of stability and stagnation, although the income was great, expansion had stopped. In 2010 Vladimir Labazanov was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, this made him less and less present in the day-to-day dealings of the organization. He knew that it wouldn’t take long for him to be seen as a weak leader. It was time to start considering passing the torch to the next generation. It was 2015 when Vladimir felt his first real consequences of the illness. He was a wise man, and he decided to slowly start giving reins of power to his only son Alexandr. The business didn’t suffer much from a new leader, due to Alexandr knowing what he was doing. He was raised by his father to lead one day and now was his time. But the first major difficulty he faced was how to split the power between sons. Unfortunately, he and his father disagreed about what roles each of his sons should take. Vladimir thought that Ruslan was destined to lead. In his eyes, Ruslan was the best candidate to oversee all European trade both legal and non-legal. However, the final decision was on Alexandr. He decided that Michael and Pjotr would split the European markets between them. Ruslan, the youngest and best educated of the three, would have to wait for another day.


Unlike his brothers who grew up solely to bust kneecaps and make back-alley deals. Ruslan benefitted from a high level of education. Starting with Saint-Petersburg military academy, where he trained as a military tactician. and then on to a Russian university to study diplomacy. By the time his brothers had taken over the European markets Ruslan had three degrees and was a very capable individual. While working as a mercenary in a Russian private military group his opinion on that profession changed completely. He liked that he could apply his strategic mind in some ways, but for sure he understood that he was just wasting his potential.

Ruslan decided to ask his father Alexandr if he could try leading some part of business in Europe or the motherland. Alexandr didn’t think Ruslan was ready for that level of responsibility, due to his lack of on-the-job experience. He knew that his elder sons had been raised watching their father and grandfather ruling over the empire. They had faced the same stress and hardships he had. Ruslan had grown up in a more controlled and rigid environment. Sure he had military skills, and education in diplomacy, but was it enough?

Although Alexandr remembered his father Vladimirs opinion about it. So on a wing and a prayer he made a deal with Ruslan for his future. If Ruslan could establish a wide and well-developed chapter of Bratva in the Los Santos (United States), then he could earn the respect of his brothers and father. It was Ruslan that placed a further stipulation on the task by stating “I will start from scratch, with no help” so only having a few comrades and trusted men with him. He stepped out on the quest to prove his worth... Not so much to others, but himself.


Ruslan, as previously mentioned, brought two of his friends to the city. Ctac and Boris were the ones he trusted the most of all his Russian connections.
Boris Romanov Sr, the man who was studying with Ruslan in military school in Moscow is his close ally. They were always sharing similar goals. Sr’s father was working in the area of interest of Bratva’s Moscow chapter. Same did Sr., as he was a proven gun engineer, was trusted by Alexandr to work as a technician and teach other members how to build and look after firearms. Sr’s only request was to allow him to bring his uncontrollable younger brother. Boris Romanov Jr being the complete opposite of Sr., was an unreasonable, hot-tempered man. Sr was always willing to help his younger brother, even even though he failed a lot.
Ctac Gawreluk was the third one in that trio. His intentions were clear. It seemed that he was born to be the babysitter of Ruslan. His father was the bodyguard of Alexandr. Man has proved his loyalty and was meant to protect Ruslan from future troubles.
It took them a few years to sort out the fake and real documents to be able to get to San Andreas. The trio saw multiple European cities on their path. Belgrade, Bucharest, Berlin, Luxembourg, and Barcelona were the major cities they forged contacts for possible future business dealings. But as we all know, the USA is not only the land of opportunities but also a land of inconsistency. The contacts made were incapable of helping at the point when the trio moved. And here they are, all alone, united with a common goal. Their journey has begun.








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