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Thoughts from a newcomer! (Typed on mobile sorry about errors!)


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Oct 18, 2020
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Wow man I just joined the city I think I may have picked a bad time tbh, as a completely new person to RP I would like to give my two cents on how I feel on the server!

Everyone I have met has been great and accepting of my new player status and small slip ups with The correct RP terms,

If I have ever need assistance the staff and /n team have been great

I have never experienced a feeling like I did at the silent surfers event held on I believe thursday, in the whole 20 years playing games this has being the most immersive thing I have ever seen like I got the genuine feeling I was at a party and meeting new people (even down to the social anxiety side of things) the feeling when you notice certain members who look like they could be up to mischief and watching from a distance to then hear gun shots got my heart racing!

Working hard on the old mineral trucks to get my first motorbike!

Even the fact that I had to meet a random lady down at the pier to buy it was amazing and as close to real life as possible,

Now I'm kinda bummed that I'm seeing certain things that are starting to make me think is the grind worth it when all can be gone with the press of a button seeing the arguments and how much people seem to go out of their way to get peeps banned is really off putting!

Seeing people doing threads about a wipe I can kinda understand as suppose you can got bankrupt in real life, but alot of players like myself come to the city to escape their everyday life dealing with kids and stuff and when kids are involved im sure anyone in a the same situation it makes the grind 10x harder
And it's that threat of losing everything that worries me.

Yes people have good card own most the corps and stuff but it's exactly the same in real life, I like the fact I'm at the bottom and some people are to rich to give me the time of day but that's what makes me want to play to become the rich dude that can flaunt his cars and stuff!

Sorry for essay but I have seen peeps stating new players are not joining and/or leaving as soon as they see how things pan out! I for one have 15 hours playtime and having a blast!
So thank you to the staff teams and creators for doing what you do!


Lead Admin
Sep 9, 2017
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Thank you for the feedback, it's really appreciated. We're really happy to have new comers like yourself here!
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