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Tired of Your Small Business Getting Screwed by The Government?

Discussion in 'In-Character News & Media' started by Spiritcharged, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. Spiritcharged

    Spiritcharged Newer Guy Supporter

    May 22, 2020
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    Those of us with big dreams in this city cannot stand by and let the government do nothing about the fact that the larger corporations are dominating the economy of this city we call home.

    When I first came to town, I had dreams of making it big. Of owning a corporation that would be known around the city and would provide useful services to the residents of Los Santos and Blaine County.

    I am a proud man, but I must admit that this city of ours has ground me down. It seems almost impossible to get ahead due to the taxes on average Joes like you and I. I have founded my corporation - that was a great day when the paperwork was approved. Check Mate Inc is up and running.

    However, due to the aggressive maintenance fees for licensed taxis, and the ridiculously high crime rate in this city... it has been a struggle to make my business successful.

    Have you faced similar challenges growing your business?

    Do you think it's time that we worked together as small business owners to have a voice with the city council?

    Are you tired of having to spend hours fishing, or mining, or other work a day jobs and have dreams of being more? Achieving more?

    Get in touch with me, Kevin Rook, and let's start a discussion about what we can do to make small business more viable in the city and take on the larger corporations like Chimera, Serek, and others.

    You can find me around town most days, or contact me on 8241975. Send me a text and we can meet up to discuss things further.

    Be well friends.
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