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    Hello everyone,

    Over the past few weeks, the staff team has been paying close attention to the initial rules that we launched with and how effective they are in practice. We have also heard your feedback on them and come up with clarifications, tweaks, and additions that we believe will both reduce confusion and create a healthier environment for immersive roleplay to thrive in. In addition to that, we have been examining how we have been performing as a moderation team. Staff complaints have been immensely helpful in realizing areas we fall short in and things we are doing improperly.

    Through a few staff complaints, we had observed an unfair amount of discretionary punishments for violations that some consider "common sense" but are not necessarily "common sense" across the board. This particularly applies to those who are newer to roleplaying or coming to us from other communities that don't share our particular vision for a roleplay environment. Our immediate response to this was to stress punishments similar to those we observed had to cease. We believe those types of punishments to be largely unfair and nonconducive to a healthy community.

    Following that, our Staff Management Team alongside our Project Lead and Assistant Project Lead determined what we believe needs to be added or clarified as soon as possible in order for players to trust our rules to provide them with a good experience. This will not be the last rules revision and, like the rest of our community, our rules are still relatively young. We hope that player feedback and suggestions will continue to aid us in solidifying our ruleset further. You may find the updated rules on our Server Rules thread linked below. All additions/changes are highlighted.


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