Vivian Armani

Vivian Louisa Armani was born 08/05/1995, in Liberty City NY, to her parents Alexander and Sofia Armani. Her father was an accoladed LCPD detective, and her mother a compassionate school teacher, both still residing in their home state. Vivian graduated high school and moved to the Midwest for veterinary school, but ended up falling in love with a soon-to-be-graduating nursing student there, Aaliyah Al-Ghazali. Vivian dropped out to follow her to the west coast, where Aaliyah aspired to one day be serving in LSEMS. At 20 and 22, the two were blissfully married and began to blossom together in sunny Los Santos. After four years of building house and home, sudden tragedy would strike the young couple when Aaliyah and other medics and officers were attacked while responding to a medical emergency. Unarmed and unprepared for such an onslaught, Aaliyah would lose her life senselessly in the crossfire that broke out on scene. This disaster would leave young 24 year old Vivian a widow, devastated and untrusting of the world which snuffed out the light of her life. The years would continue to pass, with Vivian learning to live without her wife in a much scarier and lonelier Los Santos than she remembered moving to. She fled to the outskirts of the city when it became too much, and lived in the quiet town of Paleto. However, where ever Vivian goes, she finds that her troubles come to follow. In Paleto, she would soon find herself in a mess of gang politics, betrayal, and even whisperings of black magic before she was able to flee the unstable situation. After escaping from this entanglement, Vivian was left floating aimlessly in LS once more, feeling more confused and embittered to the world than before. Four years after the loss of her lover, at 28, Vivian would return to the heart of the city they had once together called "home", determined to find her sense of belonging despite all the violence her time in Los Santos has displayed. While still dealing with various traumas and paranoia, Vivian wants to make LS a better place, and continues to build new friendships and connections to the best of her abilities. Because of her history, Vivian is best approached with caution, and approaches the world as such.


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