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Vladimir Zemleakov and his crazy life adventure


May 12, 2020
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Bucharest, Romania

Vladimir Zemleakov was born on 12/12/1985 in Dmitrov (Дмитров), Russia, a small town north of Moscow. When he was 6 years old, his father was murdered in the revolution that took down USSR. Vladimir wasn't really aware of that because his father was most of the time working. He was raised by a single mother who wanted him to become a Doctor, but Vladimir life was about to change once he applied for Military High School in Moscow.

Vladimir's 20s

He manages to join the military high-school in Moscow and in his second year he gets selected for FSB(Federal Security Service) program. That program lasted 4 years and by the age of 20, Vladimir was already a trained FSB agent. He worked a lot into Counter-Intelligence and Surveillance Department. There he got into different weird situation, he had to bring some people to silence, destroy certain evidence and even spy on some of his own colleagues. Vladimir saw death with his own eyes a lot of times, but every time he managed to get out alive, this made him very strong.

Nobody knew what kind of life Vladimir had, all of his friends believed that he is an simple government employee, but he was far from that. The amount of information he knew was potentially dangerous, so it was very hard for him to leave Russia without a good reason, he never took some free time, he never had a proper girlfriend/wife, he was a lone wolf that occasionally partied with a few friends.

Vladimir slowly started to realize what he was doing, he was playing god with a few people lives. That's when Vladimir started to change and wanted to get out of that dangerous and shady life. He manage to resign and moved to the States for a better life.

Los Santos Arrival

Vladimir took his best buddy with him, his cousin, Martin Zemleakov. They quickly got a job at the Quarry, after that Martin became money hungry and he started selling weed in Los Santos. Vladimir was very mad at his cousin and that's when they cut ties and both of them took different paths. He applied for LSPD and quickly became a Cadet. Most of his friends are from PD here in Los Santos, but at first everyone was looking weird at Vladimir because of his weird accent.

From Federal Agent to Police Officer

He raised through the ranks, in about 4 months he became a Police Officer III and took the path he was already very good at... Investigation Bureau. Vladimir had one of the fastest DTP ever, he finished it in one week and a half due his excellent skills from FSB. He never told people about his past, nobody knows that Vladimir was a former russian intelligence Agent. IB Command was very pleased by his work and they never questioned the amount of knowledge he had about Investigations, especially gangs.

Detective in Los Santos
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